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Brian my name is Matt Scott and I live in S/W Ohio. I took my first buck 36 years ago and have been afflicted with this OCD every day since !!! I can honestly say that not a day passes without thinkin...
Matt Scott on 17/02/2015
They answered my phone call and Doug was the best! WOW does he know his seed! Looking forward to BIG FAT HUGE RACKS!
Ron Johnson on 31/07/2014
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Doug Kostreva 2013/02/11 0 comments 1620 viewed
 $250 for 2 hours this is including Q&A  At each of our seminars we will be raffling a 25 pound bag of Buck Agra Mineral &nbs..
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Chris Brackett
Chris Brackett 2013/02/10 0 comments 1994 viewed
Chris Brackett is a professional archer, bow expert, and former host of Arrow Affliction. Brackett is from Bartonville, Illinois. He is the found..
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Welcome to Horny Buck Seed Co.


Welcome to Horny Buck Seed Co.

We would like to welcome Tom Mesnard owner and operator of Total Land Management to the Horny Buck Seed Team...Click here to read more...


Deer hunting today has gone in an all together different direction.

Years ago most hunters hunted for food, but today the hunt leans
toward recreation.

Don't get me wrongI love to eat venison just as much as
the next guy but I would rather pass on small bucks and harvest a doe.
Every individual is different and it is the personal preference of the hunter.

Owning a beef cattle operation has helped me develop a better understanding
of herd health, genetics and the growth of animals. For cattle to grow and be
healthy they need protein, minerals and vitaminsDeer thrive on the same
minerals, vitamins and proteins necessary for endurance

Food Plots are huge in feeding and patterning game. When a deer
has a good source of water and food, it's not necessary for them to travel far.
I harvest alfalfa and corn on my farm and they continue to gravitate towards
the food plots. Deer and birds like variety no different than us. If we had to live on
the same food day after day your palate would crave adventurous flavor.

The mixture of blends put together here at Horny Buck Seed Co.
are specially selected to aid in the following:

• Assists in antler growth

• Provides a good source of nutrition and protein for bucks, does and fawns

• Gives a good food source and shelter for all birds

• Aids in patterning all wildlife

• Remember to make sure you put the proper lime and fertilizer to help 
   guaranty a healthy strong plant

• If you are going to put in a food plot, the rule of thumb ! You get out of it
   what you put into it!

May your food plots be green, plentiful and your hunt successful & safe.

Welcome to Horny Buck Seed Co.

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-Deer Hunting Food Plots
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